Doctor Skin is an online store that sells worldwide the best cosmetics, food supplements and health care products from European Brands.

Our website is the online face of the company AGLobo Espaços de Saúde Lda with registered VAT PT509096999 and the address Praca do Bom Sucesso 75-90, Loja 144 in Porto. We are registered in Infarmed (Portugal´s Medicines and Health Products Authority) since 2010 and we currently employ 15 people, many of them Pharmacists, in our physical stores.

We are committed to give you the best brands and products at an excellent price but more important than that, we are committed to give you the best advice of what products you should use. More often that we would like, we help clients unhappy with products that are not adequate to their skin or problem and by giving the best advice we help them to get the best results!